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Ntuple Furniture Co., Ltd. is founded in 2010, specialized in the production and develop of office chair,office table,office partition,home furniture, etc.. With rich experience in producing and management, the company now has 200 staffs, and occupies 30,000 square meters, of which 20,000 are used as building area. Besides, the company has more than 20 sets precision large processing equipments and 40 sets metal producing equipments, making our products with high quality.

Our staff adhere to the "offering excellent products for customers with superb technique, advance equipments, careful management, and sincere service", and serve customers with full-heart. In future, we will advance with the times, and optimize our management, cooperating with friends to strive for bi-win.

Up to now,our furniture are already exported to many countries,such as Japan,USA,UAE,UK,Europe,Africa,South Africa,Cambodia,Thailand and so on.



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